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What is the Welcome Ordering SiteWhat is the Welcome Ordering Site
Majica Premium Global is an e-commerce service that delivers items ordered on the dedicated website to foreign tourists' home countries even after they came back from Japan.
Don Quijote global shopping site is here
Benefits for the customerBenefits for the customer
Can't arrange holiday for coming to Japan?
Looking for internet shopping but afraid of buying fake products?
For you, we set up the Don Quijote Internet Shopping Site!

Send directly from Japan! Qualified products but with awesome price!

No charge for remittances! Many online only products with favorable prices!

A chance to enjoy the tax free services. Prices are much favorable than Japan's practical shop!

Buy it with your family and friends to save the transpotation fee!

Don Quijote Tax-free ShoppingDon Quijote Tax-free Shopping
The most tax-free stores in Japan!

*324 shops throughout Japan (as of Jan 31 2017)

Open Late!

Some stores open 24hrs

Multilingual guidance of popular products

Popular products are introduced in English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai for visitors to Japan.
*products and languages may vary by store.

Tax-free advisor support

Speak with native staff in the store or live on a tablet to get real time answers to your questions.


Non-Japanese residence who are staying in Japan less than 6 months.


Specially packaged consumable tax-free products must not be opened until you have left the country.


● General tax-free items: at least \5,000 before tax
● tax-free items: \5,000 to \500,000 before tax

Exemption of consumption tax for diplomats
Person eligible for tax-free Embassies, diplomatic offices, consular offices, or ambassodors and consular agents which/who was issued a certificate such as "Tax-free card" by Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Secretariat and Principal Deputy Chief of Protocol.
Tax-free card 【Products eligible for tax-free】Eligible by purchasing products and services
【Eligible amounts】Eligible tax-free products and amounts are designated
Tax-free procedure Presenting "Tax-free card" and "ID card (identification)" / Fill out the tax-free purchasing form

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