Important Values of Don Quijote Never to be Forgotten

The PPIH Group would like to express its sincere appreciation for your patronage. We also extend our thoughts and prayers to everyone impacted by COVID-19.

Demonstrating restraint, teleworking, quarantining; these have recently become daily subjects of discussion.

These practices are crucial given our current situation.

However, people cannot change their desires so easily.

We want to see our friends after so long.
We have clothes that we want to buy.
We want to eat at our favorite restaurants.

We cannot help but look back fondly at the joyous lifestyle that seemed so normal only just a little while ago.

The upsetting news we see only serves to further dampen our spirits.

Even in these dark times, Don Quijote stores continue to open their doors. With your safety and peace of mind as our top priority, we devote ourselves to your service.

When you visit our stores, we hope you will not forget the sense of anticipation and excitement they offer.

A plentiful assortment of varied merchandise Slightly offbeat, but curiously memorable point-of-purchase advertisements Astonishingly low prices offering pleasant surprises

This is the Don Quijote approach toward stores, an approach we are confident will create a sense of anticipation and excitement.

At Don Quijote, we develop our shop floors based on the concept of positioning customers as the “subject of the sentence” and thinking from their perspective.

We believe that it is this act of realigning our perspective that allows us to create the sense of anticipation and excitement we seek.

This concept is what motivates Don Quijote employees to fervently seek out the items customers desire so that shop floor representatives can stock these items in their respective areas.

We thereby aspire to have customers purchase our products and to have them experience a sense of anticipation and excitement through this process.

Our greatest source of joy is bringing joy to our customers, a mission we will of course seek to fulfill in a safe and secure environment.

Ever more so in these dark times, everyone at Don Quijote desires nothing more than to deliver a sense of anticipation and excitement to our customers.

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