Are Don Quijote's brand items ok?

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About the brand products available at Don Quijote.

Answering the question of "Are Don Quijote's brand items ok?"

At Don Quijote, we receive many questions from our customers regarding the brand products in our stores. Some customers may have been caused concern by unsubstantiated rumors that "Don Quijote brand products are fakes". As Don Quijote's products are purchased directly from directly managed overseas stores and authorized agents as "Parallel Imports", rest assured that there are no counterfeit or fraudulent products among our branded products. In addition, Don Quijote is a member of the "Japan Association Against Counterfeit Product Distribution" and aims to completely eliminate "counterfeit" and "fraudulent" products in the market.

Are brand products legitimate?

"Yes they are!
Most of the brand products in our stores are parallel import items."

"Parallel import items refers to items imported in a way in which products are purchased secondarily from overseas company-owned stores, authorized overseas distributors, duty-free stores, or special agents. This is different from the general agency route, which consists of the brand holder selling to the domestic company-owned stores or general agents. All products entering Japan through the above mentioned method are classified as ""Parallel Imports"".

The parallel imported products are the same as those distributed through the general agent's route (legally marked and of the same origin and quality), and we carefully select suppliers with reliable routes and further check the quality of the products themselves before they arrive.

By utilizing the information we have gained from handling brand-name products over the years, as well as the experience of our expert staff, we only display items that have passed our own standards of authenticity inspection (in accordance with the standards of the ""Japan Association Against Counterfeit Product Distribution""). We would like to reassure all of our customers that they can shop at our stores with confidence.

As a member of the ""Japan Association Against Counterfeit Product Distribution"", we are also working together with other companies to eradicate, eliminate and share information on illegal products.

※Legal aspects of parallel importing
  1. ""Parker Case Judgment"" (February 27th, 1970, Osaka District Court), in which the parallel importation of genuine goods was recognized.
  2. Notice from the Customs Bureau of the Ministry of Finance, ""Handling of the Parallel Importation of Genuine Goods Related to Trademark Rights"" (August 25th, 1972, Zanseki No. 1443), notifying that ""the parallel importation of genuine goods shall be treated as not constituting as an infringement of trademark rights""
  3. The norm of the three requirements (trademark identity, identity of origin, identity of quality) of the ""Fred Perry Case"" (February 27th, 2003) was also recognized by a Supreme Court decision.

What is the warranty period/repair of watches like?

The warranty period is the period of time during which the product is guaranteed to be repaired free of charge, in the unlikely event of malfunction under normal conditions of use in accordance with the instruction manual. The warranty period varies depending on the manufacturer, distributor, and product, but in principle, we follow the period set by the manufacturer's warranty which is calculated from the date of purchase which is entered into our stores system. You will need the dealer's stamped warranty and/or proof of purchase of the product, which must be brought along with the original item to be repaired. Repairs that are not covered by the warranty, such as damage or failure due to misuse, gross negligence, or accident, wear and tear from daily use, damage to the exterior, water damage, or defects due to magnetic strips, may result in a charge even within the warranty period.

Can I get maintenance done at a directly managed store?

As a general rule, manufacturers cannot refuse to repair their products, so they usually accept them. However, warranties are, as a general rule, only applicable within the country of purchase, and since the products are not sold in their own stores, they are not always accepted from a customer service perspective, which is why the response to parallel importation varies. Some products are covered by international warranties, so please consult us or the respective manufacturer. If you purchased an item from us, please bring it to one of our stores and our contracted repair partners will provide you with thorough aftercare.

Does the box come with the product?

This depends on the product. For most of our Louis Vuitton and Hermes products, the box is not included. In regard to our other brands, we are usually able to provide a box for wallets (small accessories), but in most cases we aren't able to provide boxes for any bag products (protective bags are usually included).

Nowadays, more and more brand stores do not sell their products in a box or bag, and as this trend becomes more and more common in the future, we expect to see more and more of the same within our company as well.

Please check with a store employee regarding this.

Why are your brand products so cheap?

Due to these products being parallel imports and for the following reasons etc., they can be sold to customers cheaply, even at prices below that of the distributors themselves.

  1. Due to foreign exchange gains (yen appreciation).
    When the value of the Japanese yen is higher than the foreign currency, i.e., when the yen is strong, the acquisition price may be less than the domestic price (which is the exclusive importing agent's suggested retail price) by importing into Japan what was originally purchased in the supplier's country. At this time, our over-the-counter prices are also set by working backwards from the purchase price, so that we can offer our customers a lower price than the agency's over-the-counter price.
  2. Due to being able to purchase at wholesale prices.
    When purchasing from overseas wholesalers, we are able to purchase the products at wholesale prices, therefore making it possible to offer our customers cheaper prices.
  3. Due to the intermediate fee being eliminated.
    By eliminating any intermediary distributors that may be intervening in the route, we are able to offer cheaper prices by eliminating commissions, transportation costs, and other intermediary costs.
  4. Due to being able to freely set the sales price.
    While distributors (company-owned stores) do not offer discounted sales, we can offer cheaper prices because we can freely set our sales price according to the purchase price at the time.