Regarding the response to the new coronavirus

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Regarding the response to the new coronavirus

In order to provide a store environment where customers can shop with confidence and to maintain a work environment that pays attention to the safety of our employees, we will continue to strengthen the following measures at stores and bases across the country.

Initiatives to prevent infection and spread of the new coronavirus

1. Wearing a mask at work

At PPIH Group, Wearing a mask at the store will be employees individual decision due to the fact that the status under the Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease Act was reduced to Class 5 on May 8, 2023 and the change in government policy.

2. Hand washing and alcohol disinfection recommended

At our stores, we encourage all employees to regularly wash their hands and disinfect their hands with alcohol in an effort to prevent infection.

We ask for the understanding of all those involved.

Thank you.

Updated May 8, 2023