New Transactions

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New Transactions

Thank you for your interest in doing business with us.
We are looking forward to hearing from companies (manufacturers, wholesalers, and various trading companies) who wish to do new business with us.
If you wish to do business with us, please submit your proposal via the inquiry form on the official website of the relevant country below.

*If you wish to do business with stores in Japan, please contact us from here.

For those who have property information

If you wish to open a store outside of Japan, please send your proposal with the following information to the e-mail address below.

Please include the following items in your proposal.
・Subject: Please enter "Opening a New Store".
・Country of interest:
・Address of the location where you wish to open the store:
・Reason for opening a new store (details of your proposal):

If you are a company, please also enter the following.
・Company profile (company name and website address)
・E-mail address

Inquiry e-mail address