What is JONETZ?

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Don Quijote's private brand (PB)


JONETZ is Don Quijote's original products brand that was created in October 2009 with the brand message of “giving shape to customers’ voices .”
In February 2021, the brand was renewed with a new brand message of “Don Don Odoroki“ in order to further bring out the unique characteristics of Don Quijote.
In order to make customers feel more “anticipation and excitement” than ever before, we will communicate the bargains and hidden appeals of our products as “Odoroki News.”
The lineup includes a wide variety of products including everything from food to household goods, beauty products, clothing, home appliances, interior design products and bedding, bicycles, toys, and variety goods.

  • About the “JONETZ” brand logo

    While following the existing logo, the Japanese character for “Do” has been added to express our major determination to carry on the Don Quijote name.
    Furthermore, “JONETZ” was also added using the English alphabet to make the brand familiar to customers globally, in anticipation of the expansion of the PPIH Group's overseas stores.

  • About “Arienee!” (Unbelievable Price!)

    We have added the “Arienee!” (Unbelievable Price!) label to products we are particularly confident in for combining an amazing low price with unique product characteristics that will make you think, “Unbelievable!”

Transforming into a brand created together with customers

With the renewal of JONETZ in February 2021, we issued the “People’s Brand Manifesto.”
JONETZ has been transformed from "the company's own private brand (PB)" into "the people's brand (PB) created together with customers" aimed at making them feel anticipation and excitement.