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Regarding Tax Exemption items
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What is Tax Exemption?
This is a system which allows customers who do not live in Japan to purchase items without consumption tax on items they bring back as souvenirs.
Tax-free Regulations
People who are eligible for Tax Free
  • International Customers

    ・You must present your passport or landing permit.
    ・Customers who do not live in Japan (non-residents) are eligible.
    ・It must be within 6 months from the date of entry into Japan.*Landing permission is not same as re-entry.
    ・Must be in Japan with a tax-exempt status of residence.

  • Japanese customers living abroad

    ・You must present your passport and other documents. *Customers who do not have a return stamp to their resident country are not eligible for tax exemption as we cannot confirm that they are non-residents in japan or not.
    ・Those who can confirm that they have lived outside Japan for more than 2 years by document evidence (original residence certificate or original copy of family register tag).
    ・The document must have been created after 6 months before the return date (return stamp).
    ・Those who correspond to the above and have returned to Japan temporarily for work or vacation, and the period of stay is less than 6 months.
    Residency certificate must include the “date of establishment of domicile (or residence)” and “location of permanent domicile.”
    The copy of the address history attached to the family register must include the “location of permanent domicile.”

  • Please refer to the website of the Japan Tourism Agency for details of those eligible for tax exemption.

    <List of status of residence eligible for tax exemption>
    Source: Japan Tourism Agency homepage

    *Persons staying in Japan with a landing permit (ship tourism landing permit, etc.) are still eligible with terms and condition applied.
    For details, please check the Japan Tourism Agency website.

Non-Japanese residents who are staying in Japan for less than 6 months


Specially packaged consumable tax-free products must not be opened until you have left the country.

Applicable tax-free amount

Tax free purchases apply to total purchase amounts of ¥5,000 or more (excluding tax/after discount has been applied), or¥5,500 (including tax).

  • 【If your purchased items include consumable goods】

    ・The items purchased must be put in a dedicated bag.
    ・You cannot open or use these items in Japan. If the bag is opened or products used, you will be required to pay consumption tax upon departure.
    ・The total purchase amount at the same store in a single day is ¥5,000 ~ ¥500,000 excluding tax (¥5,500 ~ ¥550,000 inlcuding tax).

  • 【If all purchased items are general goods】

    ・The purchased items do not need to be packaged in a dedicated bag.
    ・You can open and use these items in Japan.
    ・Items must be taken out of Japan within 6 months of the date of entry.

Service Tax Exemption for those who work in Foreign Diplomatic Offices etc.
People eligible for tax-free Embassies, diplomatic offices, consular offices, or ambassodors and consular agents who were issued a certificate such as a "Tax-free card" by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Secretariat and Principal Deputy Chief of Protocol.
Tax-free card 【Products eligible for tax-free】The purchase of products and services
【Eligible amounts】The scope of tax exemption and minimum purchase amount are specified.
Tax-free procedure Present your "Tax-free card" and "ID card (identification)" / Fill out the tax-free purchasing form
  • 1) Present either your passport or landing permit.
  • 2) Multiple people cannot be represented by one person to purchase Tax-free and then split the packaging. Only the person who purchased the merchandise is eligible for tax exemption. The purchases must be presented at the time of departure from Japan. If there is any discrepancy between the purchased goods and the receipt, sales tax will be charged by the customs.
  • 3) Credit cards, UnionPay, majica cards, etc. cannot be used unless they are under the same name as the passport.
  • 4) Purchases for business use or for re-sale are not allowed.*We cannot issue a receipt other than normal receipt
  • 5) Some items, such as perishable foods, alcoholic beverages, and liquids, may not be able to be taken home according to each country‘s system.
  • 6) Tax-free sales are not allowed with a numerical passenger landing permit.
  • 7) Tax-free procedures can be completed on the day of purchase and only at the store of purchase.
  • 8) Notice to SOFA Members Who Purchase Tax-Free Goods You are required to export tax-free goods by yourselves and not allowed to transfer or consume the tax-free goods in Japan.Please present your passport, etc. and the purchased goods at customs upon departure.If you DO NOT POSSESS the tax-free goods upon departure, you have to pay the consumption tax at customs.
  • 9) Japanese crew members do not have a return stamp and are not eligible for tax-free sales.
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